Grid Connect Solar

Grid connect solar is a great way of saving money on your power bill.

When choosing a grid connect system you need to future proof your system.

Blue Mountains Solar supply and install the most reliable and efficient solar panels available in the world today, the SunPower E 20 327W solar panel.

Why is efficiency important? Well your energy needs today won't be the same as your energy needs in the future. If you use a less efficient solar panel you'll be wasting valuable roof space.

All our inverters are German made SMA.

SMA inverters are ready to be coupled with any battery using the SMA Sunny Island. This means you won't have to upgrade your inverter when you decide to get batteries down the track.

If your home has shade issues we can help increase your energy output by installing Tigo Optimizer.

Why do we use Tigo Optimizer instead of micro inverters? Simply because there is no micro inverter available in the Australian market that can handle the power that SunPower panels produce.

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