Old powerhouse comes to life again
with new energy.

The Powerhouse was built in 1920 by the Blue Mountains City Council as a coal fired generator to supply electricity to North Katoomba, Medlow Bath and Blackheath. Powered by three Bellis and Morcom steam coal fired generators. Coal was supplied for the mine from where the Scenic Railway is now situated.

A local Katoomba landmark occupied by Blue Mountains Solar since 2012.

Blue Mountains Solar has been operating since 2009.
Located in the Power House Katoomba we  focus on quality products with the longest warranties in the solar industry.
Our panels are SunPower Maxeon 3  420 Watt All Black now with a 40 year warranty.
SMA the industry standard with 10 year warranty.
Supplying Grid connect, off- grid, EV chargers and consumption monitoring via SMA's Sunny Portal or SMA Energy App.

With over 2500 solar systems personally installed in the Blue Mountains since 2010 Damian has the local experience to help you the client make the best decisions now and for the future.
At Blue Mountains Solar we know our customers personally. We are part of the community. We will see you at the shops or at the local sports fields. Our door is always open at the Power House Katoomba to go over your system and continually strive to build a better system for your changing needs like EV batteries or more solar based on your real data.

So if you want to be part of our solar family and not a KPI.
Join us at Blue Mountains Solar.

The steam coal fired generators that ran the production of electricity and the main switchboard

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