Old powerhouse comes to life again
with new energy.

The Powerhouse was built in 1925 by the Blue Mountains City Council as a coal fired generator to supply electricity to North Katoomba, Medlow Bath and Blackheath. Powered by two Bellis and Morcom steam coal fired generators. Coal was supplied for the mine from where the Scenic Railway is now situated.

The steam coal fired generators that ran the production of electricity and the main switchboard

Every day The POWERHOUSE produces between 20 -100 kW hours of clean energy from solar PV. The entire building runs off a 21.5kW grid connect solar system, which meets all the energy needs of the business. This clean energy source runs our fully electric company vehicle (2.4kW) plus all the heating and cooling for the building along with our great coffee machine (4.8kW). All without having to import any energy from the grid.

Clean energy in your hands.










Staff at The Power House Katoomba
Staff photo 1937 - note the Electrical Inspector in white coat on the far right 
Today with clean energy technology - PV, EV & LED

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