On grid and Off grid

Once we have you all connected up, you can login into your Sunny Portal and check your Energy Balance to see how much power you have consumed and how much you have saved. 

SMA's Sunny Portal offers real time data allowing you make decisions on energy use to maximise your solar energy. Many other platforms only record what happend 15 minutes ago.

The graph above shows a typical example of live energy consumption and generation. The tabs at the top display Current, Day, Month, Year and Total usage.

Your Blue Mountains Solar system is an AC coupled system which will provide direct supply for your usage during the day and any excess energy is stored in the batteries for night time use or to feed back into the grid. This means that you may never import from the grid in times of high demand when electricity is most expensive.

For off grid please call our office for detailed solutions.Blue Mountains Solar is accreditated to install off grid systems.

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